Is Hummus GlutenĀ Free?

Dan Gold

Written by Becca

Hummus, a delicious blended and whipped savory dip from the Middle East, is made of chickpeas, oil and spices. Is it gluten-free and can you be sure?

This being said, hummus is nearly always gluten-free. And, if you have access to the food label of the hummus you wish to purchase or consume, you can double check!

Common ingredients for hummus are chickpeas, lemon juice, oil, garlic, tahini (sesame seeds), salt and other spices like black pepper or paprika (optional). None of these ingredients contain gluten!

Nowadays, store-bought hummus comes in lots of flavors. Still, it is common for most of these flavors to also not contain gluten (but please check, just to be sure!). Common flavors are red pepper hummus, cilantro hummus, jalapeno hummus, basil hummus and more.

Unless there are ingredients added that come from wheat, barley or rye, you will see that hummus tends to be a gluten-free food and safe for celiac and gluten-free diets.

The time to be careful around hummus being served at restaurants or at parties is if hummus comes as an appetizer and is served next to, or with, pita bread, which is the most common way to enjoy hummus.

If you are dining in a restaurant, as that the pita bread be served separately and the hummus be put in a bowl.

If you are at a party and hummus is being served, you can request that your own portion of hummus be set aside before guests dip pita bread or pita chips into the hummus for everyone. These are some ways to play it safe and avoid gluten cross-contamination with enjoying hummus!

Last updated

November 21st, 2022