Are Doritos Gluten Free?

Dan Gold

Written by Becca

Much to my surprise, Doritos are a relatively gluten-free snack. I bet you want to know why, right?

I am a huge fan of chips as snacks at parties and gatherings. I’m always looking for new types of gluten-free snacking chips to try, and I love dipping chips in salsas and other fun dips.

Doritos have a lot of ingredients in them (which also means they’re not the most healthy). If you have time to read through the WHOLE list of the ingredients in Doritos, you will not see any wheat or gluten ingredients like malt or barley (you will, however, see a lot of dairy ingredients, so keep that in mind if you are lactose intolerant).

Doritos are not certified gluten-free or labeled gluten-free, though. This means that if you are on a strict gluten-free diet or have celiac disease, you may want to stay away. If you are avoiding gluten for lifestyle reasons, you could probably proceed to eat Doritos because none of the ingredients in the list are gluten.

If you are on a strict gluten-free diet due to health reasons and allergic reactions, note that only one type of Doritos is really labeled gluten-free by the manufacturer (Frito Lay). The one type that has a gluten-free marking is the Simply Organic White Cheddar-flavored Doritos.

If you find any changes in the ingredients with Doritos and their being sort of gluten-free for now, please let us know!

Last updated

November 21st, 2022